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  Carol L. Meyers, Affliated Faculty
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  Carol L. MeyersMary Grace Wilson Professor of Religion and Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies and Professor Emerita of Religious Studies

Office Location:  227 Gray Bldg, Durham, NC 27708
Office Phone:  (919) 660-3514
Email Address:  send me a message


  • Ph.D. Brandeis University 1975
  • MA Brandeis University 1967
  • BA Wellesley College 1964


Hebrew Bible
Representative Publications   (More Publications)
  1. Meyers, CL; Meyers, EM. Excavations at Ancient Nabratein: Synagogue and Environs.  Meiron Excavation Project Eisenbrauns for the American Schools of Oriental Research, 2009. (with Eric Meyers)
  2. Meyers, CL. Exodus.  New Cambridge Bible Commentary Series. Cambridge University Press, 2005.
  3.  Households and Holiness: The Religious Culture of Israelite Women.  Facets Fortress Press, 2005.
  4. Meyers, CL. Women in Scripture: A Dictionary of Named and Unnamed Women in the Hebrew Bible, the Apocryphal/Deuterocanonical Books, and the New Testament.  edited by Meyers, CL, Houghton Mifflin, 2000. (paperback edition: Grand Rapids, MI: Wm. B. Eerdmans, 2001)  [abs]
  5. Meyers, CL, "Archologie als Fenster zum Leben von Frauen in Alt-Israel". Bibel—Alten Testament: Tora Bibel und die Frauen: Eine exegtisch-kulturgeschichtliche Enzyklopädie (2009): 63-109. (German translation of: "Archaeolgoy as a Window to the Lives of Israelite Women." Volume 1.1 of 22 volumes, to be published in 4 languages.)
  6. Meyers, CL, "In the Household and Beyond: The Social World of Israelite Women". Nordic Journal of Theology 63 (2009): 19-41.
  7. Meyers, CL, "The Persian Period at Sepphoris".  (Ephraim Stern festschrift volume);Eretz Israel 29 (2009): 136*-143*. (with Eric Meyers)
  8. Meyers, CL. "Women in the OT." New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible. Volume 5 (2009): pp.879-882.
  9. Meyers, CL. "Grinding to a Halt: Gender and the Changing Technology of Flour Production in Roman Galilee." Engendering Social Dynamics: the Archaeology of Maintenance Activities  (2008): 65-74.
  10. Meyers, CL. "Terracottas without Texts: Judean Pillar Figurines in Anthropological Perspective."  (Social World of Biblical Antiquity, Second Series, 3. To Break Every Yoke: Essays in Honor of Marvin L. Chaney  (2008): 115-130.
  11. Meyers, CL. "Engendering Ezekiel." Near Eastern Birkat Shalom Studies in the Bible, Ancient, and Postbiblical Judaism Presented to Shalom M.Paul on the Occasion of His Seventieth Birthday 1 (2008): 281-297.
  12. Meyers, CL. "Seven-Spout Oil Lamps in Ancient Palestine." Die Zahl Sieben imAlten Orient: Studien zur Zahlensymbolik in der Bibel und ihreraltorientalischen Umwelt (The Number Seven in the Ancient Near East: Studies on the Numerical Symbolism in Hebrew Bible and Its Ancient Near Eastern Environment :45-54 (2008).
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