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  Valeria Finucci, Affliated Faculty
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  Valeria FinucciProfessor of Romance Studies and Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies

Office Location:  219E Language Center, Durham, NC 27708
Office Phone:  (919) 660-3119
Email Address:  send me a message
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  • Ph.D. University of Illinois -- Urbana-Champaign 1983
  • PhD in Comparative Literature University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1983
  • MA in Comparative Literature University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1977
  • Advanced Certificate Mount Hoyoke College 1976
  • Laurea in Modern Languages and Literature, summa cum laude, University of Rome 1974


Early Modern
Gender Studies, Feminism, Women Studies, Queer Studies
Psychoanalysis, Psychology
Performance Studies
Comparative Studies: Translation, Travel Narratives, Trans-Culturality
Sciences, Technologies
Research Interests:

Renaissance literature, the epic, the romance, women's study, and literary theory.

Representative Publications   (More Publications)
  1. Finucci, V. The Prince‚Äôs Body: Vincenzo Gonzaga and Renaissance Medicine.  Harvard University Press, ca. 300pp., 2012.
  2. Finucci, V. "Thinking through death: The politics of the corpse." Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies 45:1 (January, 2015): 1-6. [doi]
  3. Finucci, V, Celinda, A Tragedy by Valeria Miani  (2010): 415pp-415pp. (Bilingual edition)
  4. Finucci, V; Bonati, MR, Mores Italiae: Costume and Life in the Renaissance // Costumi e scene di vita del Rinascimento (Yale University, Beinecke Library, MS 457)  (2007).
  5. Finucci, V; ed, , Mapping the MediterraneanA Special Issue of the Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies 37:1 (2007).
  6. Finucci, V; ed, , Floridoro, a Chivalric Romance by Moderata Fonte  (2006).
  7. Finucci, V; ed, , Petrarca, canoni, esemplarit  (2006).
  8. Finucci, V; ed, ; trans, , Urania by Giulia Bigolina  (2005).
  9. Finucci, V; ed, , In the Footsteps of Petrarch: Literature, Art, Music, CultureA Special Issue of the Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies 35:3 (2005).
  10. Finucci, V. The Manly Masquerade: Masculinity, Paternity, and Castration in the Italian Renaissance.  Duke University Press: 321pp, 2003.
  11. Finucci, V; ed, , Urania di Giulia Bigolina (ca. 1554)  (2002).
  12. V. Finucci and K. Brownlee, eds. Generation and Degeneration: Tropes of Reproduction in Literature and History from Antiquity to Early Modern Europe. Duke University Press: 327pp, Spring, 2001.
  13. Finucci, V; ed, , Renaissance Transactions: Ariosto and Tasso  (1999).
  14. Finucci, V; ed, , Tredici canti del Floridoro di Moderata Fonte (1581)  (1995).
  15. Finucci, V; Schwartz, R, Desire in the Renaissance: Psychoanalysis and Literature  (1994).
  16. Finucci, V. The Lady Vanishes: Subjectivity and Representation in Castiglione and Ariosto.  Stanford University Press: 329pp, 1992.