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Papers Published

  1. Viego, A. "The life of the undead: Biopower, Latino anxiety and the epidemiological paradox." Women & Performance: a Journal of Feminist Theory 19:2 (January, 2009): 131-147.

    This article studies the dense interconnections between biopower, psychoanalysis, psychology and theories of Latino/a health and disease in the context of the ubiquitous claim heard nowadays regarding the so-called inevitable early twenty-first-century Latinization of the United States. How do we, the author asks, understand the theories of Latino/a health, disease, normality and pathology emerging out of epidemiological research on Latino/as and out of the professional psychotherapeutic literature on Latino/as within the broader interpretive horizon of US biopolitical practices that both manage and incite life? This paper explores this question by paying specific attention to the diagnosis of “anxiety” in the psychotherapeutic literature on Latino/as and to the conundrum in epidemiological research on Latino/a health referred to as the “epidemiological paradox.” © 2009 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.