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Thomas DeFrantz, Professor of African and African American Studies and Professor of Women's Studies and Professor in the Program of Dance

Thomas DeFrantz
Office Location:  1316 Campus Dr, Rm 243C, Durham, NC 27708
Office Phone:  (919) 668-1929
Email Address:  send me a message
Web Page:


  • Ph.D. New York University 1997

Research Interests:

Born a Hoosier, my work focuses on theories of African diaspora aesthetics, intersections of dance and technology, and dance historiography. I write articles and essays about black dance in the United States, as they are practiced in the US and in global contexts. My research group, SLIPPAGE, is in residence at Duke, and we work to create innovate interfaces that help us tell alternative histories.

Recent Publications   (More Publications)
  1. DeFrantz/Slippage, TF. "White Privilege." Theater 48:3 (November, 2018): 23-37. [doi]
  2. DeFrantz, TF; Badejo, P. "Forewords."   (January, 2018): vii-xii. [doi]
  3. DeFrantz, TF. "Them: Recombinant aesthetics of restaging experimental performance." The Sentient Archive: Bodies, Performance, and Memory  (January, 2018): 268-292.
  4. DeFrantz, TF. "I Am Black: (You have to be willing to not know)." Theater 47:2 (January, 2017): 9-21. [doi]
  5. DeFrantz, TF. "Identifying the endgame." Theater 47:1 (January, 2017): 3-15. [doi]

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