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Publications of Tomiko Yoda    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:


  1. T. Yoda (co-edit). Japan After Japan: Social and Cultural Life From the Recessionary 90s to the Present.  Duke University Press, Summer, 2006.
  2. T. Yoda. Gender And National Literature: Heian Texts and Constructions of Japanese Modernity.  Duke University Press, May, 2004.
  3. with T. Yoda and H. D. Harootunian, eds. Millennial Japan.  Duke University Press, 2000.  [abs]

Papers Published

  1. T. Yoda. "First-Person Voice and Citizen-Subject: The Modernity of Ogai's Maihime." Journal of Asian Studies 65:25 (May, May, 2006).
  2. T. Yoda. "Heian bungaku no joseika to juhasseiki kagaku no kindaisei [Feminization of Heian Literature and the Modernity of Eighteenth-Century Poetics]." Genji kenky├╗ :10 (2005).
  3. T. Yoda. "The Rise and Fall of Maternal Society: Gender, Labor and Contemporary Japan." South Atlantic Quarterly 99:44 (Fall, Fall 2000): 865-902.
  4. T. Yoda. "A Road Map to Millennial Japan." South Atlantic Quarterly 99:44 (Fall, 2000): 629-668.
  5. T. Yoda. "Reading Literary Hisory Against the National Frame, or Gender and the Emergence of Heian Kana Writing." positions 8:2 (Fall, 2000): 629-668.
  6. T. Yoda. "Seisa, moji, kooka: feminizumu hijyo to heian bungaku kenkyu." Tekisuto no seiai jutsu: monogatari o kataru koto no pasupekutibu  (2000): 135-168.
  7. T. Yoda. "Fractured Dialogues: Mono no Aware and Poetic Communications in the Tale of Genji." Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 59:2 (December, 1999): 523-557.
  8. T. Yoda. "Translation of Komashaku Kimi, "Murasaki Shikibu's Message: A Reinterpretation of The Tale of Genji"." U.S.-Japan Women's Journal :5 (1993).
  9. T. Yoda. "Translation of Niwa Akiko, "The Formation of the Myth of Motherhood in Japan"." U.S.-Japan Women's Journal :4 (1993).

Papers Accepted

  1. T. Yoda. "Kogyaru and the Political Economy of Feminized Consuer Culture." Zappa: the Social Space and Movements of Contemporary Japan  (forthcoming).  [abs]

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