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Research Interests for Leslie H. Damasceno

Research Interests:

Brazillian and Latin American Literature, Theater Cultural, and Theater Theory, Film

Recent Publications
  1. Sentido, sentimento e sensibilidade do grotesco no teatro latinoamericano, edited by Leslie Damasceno, guest editor, Percevejo: Edição Especial, Teatro Latinomericano, vol. XIV (Accepted, Summer, 2009), Universidade do Rio de Janeiro
  2. In your face: identity, attitude and latino theatre, edited by Sónia Torres, SELLI: Anais do Seminário de Literaturas de Língua Inglesa, vol. !6 (December, 2006), pp. 59-66, Universidade Federal Fluminense Press
  3. The Gestural Art of Reclaiming Utopia:Denise Stoklos at Play with the Hysterical-Historical, in Holy Terrors! Latin American Women Perform, edited by Diana Taylor and Roslyn Costantino (Accepted, 2004), Durham, NC: Duke University Press
  4. Five entries on Brazilian theatre, in Encyclopedia of Contemporary Latin American Culture, edited by Dan Balderston, Ana Lopez and Mike Gonzalez (forthcoming 2003), Routledge Press
  5. Staging the Crisis: Utopian Ideals, Consumer Aesthetics and the Theatrical Image in Brazillian Theatre from Collor to Cardoso (September, 2002)

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