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  1. Pollard, S; Duvall, RC, Everything i needed to know about teaching i learned in kindergarten: Bringing elementary education techniques to undergraduate computer science classes, Proceedings of the Thirty-Seventh SIGCSE Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education (2007), pp. 224-228
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    By expanding the teaching styles used in computer science classrooms, we can expand the audience of students that enjoy and excel in technology. Rather than focusing on major curriculum changes or new programs specifically for non-traditional students, we propose that relatively simple expansions in teaching style can have significant results. In particular, we advocate incorporating teaching techniques reminiscent of kindergarten: games, toys, stories, and play. These techniques promote an active learning environment, level the playing field for non-technical students, provide motivation beyond grades, and make class time fun. In this paper, we want to acknowledge the many activities others have proposed by providing a coherent categorization of such activities and show how to use these techniques throughout the curriculum rather than as special experiences. Copyright 2006 ACM.