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Publications [#335347] of Robert C. Duvall

Conference articles PUBLISHED

  1. Duvall, S; Hutchings, DR; Duvall, RC, Scrumage: A method for incorporating multiple, simultaneous pedagogical styles in the classroom, Sigcse 2018 Proceedings of the 49th Acm Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education, vol. 2018-January (February, 2018), pp. 928-933, ISBN 9781450351034 [doi]
    (last updated on 2018/09/04)

    © 2018 Association for Computing Machinery. Pedagogical approaches abound in computer science. Common approaches include flipped classrooms, active learning, gamification, and the traditional lecture-based approach. There are also a wide variety of computer science learning materials including videos, interactive tutorials, and textbooks (whether presented online or on paper). Instructor choices of approach and materials present a series of trade-offs and may favor some groups of students over others. We propose a method, Scrumage, (SCRUM for AGile Education) in an attempt to overcome the necessity of making trade-offs. We allow each student in a course to select among several pedagogical approaches and sets of materials to fit each individual student’s learning needs and desires. Scrumage adapts concepts from the Scrum project management technique. In Scrum, project teams are developing a product for a client. In Scrumage, student teams are developing knowledge with support from the instructor. We define and motivate Scrumage and discuss the implementation and outcomes of the technique in a class at our undergraduate institution.

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