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Biographical Info of William Seaman

WILLIAM SEAMAN, Professor of Visual Studies An internationally known media artist and scholar, Seaman has had over thirty major installation works and commissions around the world, a dozen solo exhibitions, and numerous performance collaborations, video screenings, and articles/essays/reviews in books and catalogues. His work explores an expanded media-oriented poetics through various technological means. A self-taught composer and musician, he also collaborates with dancers and choreographers to create evocative multimedia performance pieces. He has been commissioned on a number of occasions. He is currently working on a series of art/science collaborations — poetic installations, scientific research papers and a book in collaboration with the scientist Otto Rössler surrounding the concept of Neosentience as well as the production of an Electrochemical Computer. He is also collaborating with artist/computer scientist Daniel Howe on works exploring AI and creative writing/multi-media - "the Bisociation Engine" and "A China of Many Senses"[working title] (both in progress); neural scientist and artist Timothy Senior on the development of a biologically inspired "Thought Module" (a novel approach to neural nets); computer scientist and experimental writer Patrick Herron on a transdisciplinary relational database / search engine project ; Thom LaBean on nano-scale computational/sensing research; and with Gideon May and Rachel Brady on re-articulating "The World Generator / The Engine of Desire" a virtual world building system.

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