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Publications [#293624] of William Seaman


Articles Submitted

  1. Seaman, W, Computational Creativity | A Multi-perspective Approach, Tba (November, 2013) [available here]
    (last updated on 2022/01/21)

    Author's Comments:
    Keynote Talk for RE-new Festival, Copenhagen

    In this talk I will discuss Computational Creativity | A multi-perspective Approach. Building on historical references to cybernetics and artificial intelligence, I will also introduce my more recent collaborative research with Otto Rössler on Neosentience, which holds great potential for the future of creativity involving robotics and learning systems. These ideas will be further elaborated and amplified with concrete examples from my artistic practice, including The Many Senses Engine (with Todd Berreth), on display at the festival exhibition.

    computational creativity, Cybernetics, Gordon Pask, Recombinant Poetics, Recombinant Informatics, learning systems, multi-perspective approach. Biological Computer Laboratory, Heinz von Foerester

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