Linguistics : Research Interests


  1. Edna Andrews, Cognitive and Neurolinguistics, Slavic and General Linguistics, Russia (Language & Culture), Language & Memory, Semiotics
  2. Dominika M Baran, Language and identity, language ideologies, multilingual communities, language in education, language and migration
  3. Robert N. Brandon, Robert N. Brandon (Ph.D. 1979, Harvard) joined the Duke Faculty ...
  4. Ruth S. Day, Basic Cognition (comprehension, memory, representation, language, problem solving); Everyday Cognition (medical cognition, courtroom cognition, human movement perception and memory, virtual reality learning)
  5. Luciana Fellin, Sociolinguistics, Second Language Acquisition, Language ideologies, Language socialization, Language Pedagogies
  6. Owen Flanagan, Alcoholism, Animals, Attention, Awareness, Biological Evolution, Blame, Brain, Consciousness, Dreams, Emotions, Guilt, Humans, Literature, Mental Recall, Naturalism, Philosophy, Psychology, Psychophysiology, Self, Shame, Substance-Related Disorders, Visual Perception
  7. Hae-Young Kim, Second Language Acquisition and Heritage language curriculum development
  8. Reiko Mazuka, Language Acquisition
  9. Karen Neander, Karen Neander (Ph.D. 1983, La Trobe University) joined the Duke ...
  10. William M. O'Barr, Anthropology and law (current project: book in porogress on the history of theory in legal anthropology), advertising and society (current project: continued development of my online book about advertising and society at and field research in the advertising traditions of England, Russia, and other countries)
  11. Liliana Paredes, Second Language Acquisition, Second Language Instruction, Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Human Rights, Language and Identity
  12. Gareth O. Price, Language policy; sociolinguistics; multilingualism; discourse analysis; political sociology; migration; nationalism; globalization
  13. Alexander Rosenberg, Biology, History, Models, Natural selection
  14. David C. Rubin,
  15. Julie A. Tetel, Linguistics
  16. Michael Tomasello, Major research interests in processes of social cognition, social learning, ...
  17. Clare J. Tufts, Second language acquisition, Foreign Language Pedagogy, la bande dessinĂ ...
  18. Ingeborg C. Walther, Second Language Acquisition Theory, Critical Pedagogy, and Modern German Drama