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Publications of Catherine Reilly    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:

Articles in a Journal

  1. Reilly, CI. "Diagnosis and Revelation in Vsevolod Garshin's "The Red Flower" and Anton Chekhov's "An Attack of Nerves"." Literature and Medicine 31.2 (2013): 277-302. [doi]

Articles in a Collection

  1. Reilly, C. "Naturphilosophie and Murder: The Limits of Scientific Explanation in Döblin's Die beiden Freundinnen." The Early History of Embodied Cognition 1740-1920 : The Lebenskraft-debate and Radical Reality in German Science, Music, and Literature Ed. McCarthy, JA; Hilger, SM; Sullivan, HI. Brill | Rodopi, 2016. [doi]

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