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Faculty: N. Katherine Hayles  

N. Katherine Hayles
Title: James B. Duke Distinguished Professor Emerita
Office Location: 101 Friedl Building, Durham, NC 27708
Office Phone: +1 919 684 4127
Email Address:
Web Page:


  • Ph.D., University of Rochester, 1977
  • M.A., Michigan State University, 1970
  • M.S., California Institute of Technology, 1969
  • B.S., Rochester Institute of Technology, 1966

Research Interests:  

Digital Humanities Electronic Literature Literature, Science and Technology Science Fiction Critical Theroy

Recent Publications   (More Publications)

Articles in a Journal

  • Hayles, NK. "Subversion of the Human Aura: A Crisis in Representation." American Literature 95.2 (June, 2023): 256-279. [doi]  [abs]
  • Hayles, NK. "Literary Cybernetics: The Point (of the Spear)." New Literary History 54.2 (March, 2023): 1289-1294. [doi]
  • Hayles, NK. "APPROXIMATING ALGORITHMS: FROM DISCRIMINATING DATA TO TALKING WITH AN AI." History and Theory 61.4 (December, 2022): 152-165. [doi]  [abs]
Articles in a Collection
  • Hayles, NK. "Good technology is biophilic." The Good Robot: Why Technology Needs Feminism January, 2024, 28-35.  [abs]
  • Hayles, NK. "Ethics for cognitive assemblages: Who's in charge here?." Palgrave Handbook of Critical Posthumanism November, 2022, 1195-1223. [doi]  [abs]

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