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Graduate Student: Jaime Gonzalez  

Jaime Gonzalez
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Dissertation Title:

Jaime Acosta Gonzalez is a PhD candidate in the Program in Literature at Duke University.  His dissertation, Writing in the Interregnum: Fiction and the Neoliberalization of Democracy examines how contemporary fiction encodes both the breakdown of the interstate geopolitical system and the failure of new global democratic forms to emerge in the age of globalization.  Inside of this interregnum, he argues that the works of Roberto Bolaño, Leonardo Padura, Karen Tei Yamashita and Russell Banks, among others, signal the exhaustion of liberal democracy and the urgency to imagine democratic alternatives beyond neoliberalism.  

His research interests include American and Latin American literature, Marxism and theories of globalization. He is currently co-editing a special issue of Polygraph on the theme of "Neoliberalism and Social Reproduction."


  • BA, University of California, Riverside, 2012

Research Interests:  

My research explores Latina/o literary and cultural production in the twentieth century, paying special attention to the emergence of transnational subjectivities and their disruption of traditional notions of sovereignty and citizenship in the neoliberal age.

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