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Graduate Student: Jordan Sjol  

Jordan Sjol
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PhD Candidate in the Program in Literature at Duke University. Recipient of the James B. Duke Fellowship and member of the Society of Duke Fellows and the University Scholars program.

Certificate in College Teaching (underway)

Certificate in Information Studies + Sciences (underway)

Research interests include American and anglophone postmodern and contemporary novels and films; new media art; science and technology studies and philosophy of technology; infrastructures of global power, especially communication and financial networks; technological meta-narratives and recursive loops in self-representation; media-theoretical understandings of sensation and intellection.

Currently writing a dissertation on the rise of financial engineering in the United States from the early 1960s the the market crash of '87.

Recent Publications

  1. Sjol, J. "Capturing Finance: Arbitrage and Social Domination." Journal of Cultural Economy 15.3 (May, 2022): 383-386. [doi]
  2. Sjol, J. "Contingency and Mysticism from Economics to Finance: Knight, Ayache, DeLillo." Theory, Culture and Society 39.1 (January, 2022): 61-80. [doi[abs]

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