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Graduate Student: Nick Huber  

Nick Huber
Office Phone: +1 919 684 4233
Email Address:

Dissertation Title:

Nicholas is a PhD Candidate in Literature. His dissertation, Feedback Exhaust, integrates formalist analyses with historicist methods to explore financialized money as a political economic system of narrative. By bringing conventional economic theory into conversation with three contemporary novels that narrate and complicate monetary concepts--Tom McCarthy's Remainder, K.D.'s Headless, and Darin Bradley's Chimpanzee--Feedback Exhaust intervenes in a growing body of scholarship at the intersection of literary criticism and economics. Nicholas has taught classes on contemporary fiction, utopian/dystopian studies, fiction and finance, automation, and bank robbery. His work has recently appeared in a special collection for the Open Library of the Humanities and is forthcoming at Novel: A Forum on Fiction and Theory & Event.

Committee Members:

Michael Hardt (chair), Fredric Jameson, Wahneema Lubiano, Kathi Weeks

Recent Publications

  1. Huber, N. "Tom McCarthy, Karl Marx, and the Money on the Books." Open Library of Humanities 3.2 (November, 2017). [doi]

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