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Graduate Student: Yair Rubinstein  

Yair Rubinstein
Office Phone: +1 919 684 4233
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Dissertation Title:

Yair Rubinstein is a PhD candidate in the Graduate Program in Literature. His research interests include Marxist critical theory, (post)-operaismo, labor and automation, contemporary visual/sonic culture, and German media theory. Along with his scholarly work, Yair is also a practicing electronic musician and DJ, who has produced several recordings on Circle Into Square and Hush Hush Records, along with collaborations with various video artists and filmmakers. 

Research Interests:  

My research focuses on the intersection of contemporary aesthetics and political economy, paying specific attention to the destablization between work-time/leisure-time, play/labor under late capitalism. I explore the increased instability of these binaries through the production and circulation of current film and sonic media.

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