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Publications [#333207] of Allen E. Buchanan

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Journal Articles

  1. Buchanan, A; Powell, R, DE-MORALIZATION AS EMANCIPATION: LIBERTY, PROGRESS, AND THE EVOLUTION OF INVALID MORAL NORMS *, Social Philosophy and Policy, vol. 34 no. 02 (2017), pp. 108-135 [doi].
    (last updated on 2018/12/11)

    © 2017 Social Philosophy & Policy Foundation. Printed in the USA. Liberal thinkers of the Enlightenment understood that surplus moral constraints, imposed by invalid moral norms, are a serious limitation on liberty. They also recognized that overcoming surplus moral constraints - what we call proper demoralization - is an important dimension of moral progress. Contemporary philosophical theorists of liberty have largely neglected the threat that surplus moral constraints pose to liberty and the importance of proper de-moralization for human emancipation. This essay examines the phenomena of surplus moral constraints and proper de-moralization, utilizing insights from biological and cultural evolutionary thinking.

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