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Publications of Laura S. Lieber    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:

Edited Books

  1. L.S. Lieber and D. A. Green (editors). Scriptural Exegesis: The Shapes of Culture and Religious Imagination, a Festschrift in Honour of Michael Fishbane. Oxford University Press, 2009.

Papers Published

  1. Lieber, LS. "Aesthetic Convention and Ritual Creativity in Late Antique Piyyut." Prooftexts 40:1 (January, 2023): 12-58. [doi]  [abs]
  2. Lieber, LS. ""On This Day, We Are Perfect": Embodiment in Yannai's Yom Kippur Qerova." Journal of Jewish Thought and Philosophy 30:1 (January, 2022): 37-69. [doi]  [abs]
  3. Lieber, LS. "Call and response: Antiphonal elements in jewish palestinian aramaic poetry." Aramaic Studies 17:2 (January, 2019): 127-144. [doi]  [abs]
  4. Lieber, LS. "With One Voice: Elements of Acclamation in Early Jewish Liturgical Poetry." Harvard Theological Review 111:3 (July, 2018): 401-424. [doi]  [abs]
  5. Lieber, LS. "Jewish Aramaic poetry from late antiquity: Translations and commentaries." Etudes Sur Le Judaisme Medieval 75 (January, 2018): 1-245. [doi]
  6. Lieber, LS. "Daru in the winehouse: The intersection of status and dance in the Jewish east." Journal of Religion 98:1 (January, 2018): 90-113. [doi]
  7. Lieber, LS. "On the road with the mater Dolorosa: An exploration of mother-son discourse performance." Journal of Early Christian Studies 24:2 (June, 2016): 265-291. [doi]
  8. Lieber, LS. "Stages of Grief: Enacting Laments in Late Ancient Hymnography." AJS Review 40:1 (April, 2016): 101-124. [doi]  [abs]
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  19. Lieber, LS. "The Plot within the Piyyut: Retelling the Story of Balak on the Liturgical Stage." The Journal for Textual Reasoning 8 (2014). [available here]
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  35. Lieber, LS. "There is None like You among the Mute: the Theology of Ein Kamokha Ba-Illemim in Context, with a New Edition and Translation." Crusades 6 (2007): 15-35.
  36. Lieber, L. "The poet and the tower-builders: A translation and analysis of Yannai's Piyyut for genesis 11." Review of Rabbinic Judaism 8:1 (June, 2005): 163-188. [doi]
  37. Lieber, LS. "The Generation that Built the Tower: Yannai on Genesis 11." Review of Rabbinic Judaism 8 (2005): 161-188.
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Articles in a Collection

  1. Lieber, LS. "Sukkot in the Garden of Eden: Liturgy, Christianity, and the Bronze Bird on Mount Gerizim." The Samaritans: A Biblical People. January, 2022, 94-101. [doi]
  2. Lieber, LS. "Feasting, Fasting, and the Bounty of the Land: Rituals of Sukkot in Samaritan and Rabbinic Antiquity." Brill Reference Library of Judaism. January, 2022, 137-158. [doi]
  3. Lieber, LS. "No translation needed: Hebrew in two Samaritan aramaic hymns." The Poet and the World: Festschrift for Wout van Bekkum on the Occasion of His Sixty-fifth Birthday. July, 2019, 161-182. [doi]
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