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Yucheng Bai,

I am a doctoral student in Religion, World Christianity track. My research focuses on modern Chinese church history, American church history, and the international connection between the churches in these two countries. 

Common topics in my works include: church-state relations in China and the US; Christianity and nationalism; the global dissemination of Christian fundamentalism; and history of Asian-American church in the US. 

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Teaching (Fall 2023):

    Gray 220, TuTh 01:25 PM-02:40 PM

China--Church history • China--Church history--20th century • Chinese American churches • Christianity and other religions--Chinese • Church and state--United States--History--20th century • United States--Church history--20th century

Recent Publications

  1. Bai, Y, One Foot Above Liberalism: Wang Yi's Search for Civil Society, in Christian Social Activism and Rule of Law in Chinese Societies, edited by Yang, F; White, C (June, 2021), pp. 267-288, Rowman & Littlefield, ISBN 1611463246  [abs]
  2. Bai, Y, God's Model Citizen: The Citizenship Education Movement of the YMCA and Its Political Legacy, Studies in World Christianity, vol. 26 no. 1 (March, 2020), pp. 42-62, Edinburgh University Press [doi]  [abs]

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