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Jonathan Homrighausen,

Jonathan Homrighausen

Jonathan Homrighausen is an Episcopal writer and scholar on Scripture, art, and interreligious dialogue. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament at Duke University, after earning his MA in Biblical Studies at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA. His current focus is visual art and the Bible.

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Bible. Old Testament

Recent Publications   (More Publications)

  1. Homrighausen, J, Words Made Flesh: Incarnational, Multisensory Exegesis in Donald Jackson’s Biblical Art, Religion and the Arts, vol. 23 no. 3 (2019), Brill Academic Publishers
  2. Homrighausen, J, Illuminating Justice: The Ethical Imagination of The Saint John’s Bible (June, 2018), Liturgical Press, ISBN 978-0-8146-4455-3  [abs]
  3. Homrighausen, J, Jesus in the Garden Temple: Intertextuality and Visual Exegesis of the Song of Songs in The Saint John’s Bible (November, 2017)
  4. Pleins, JD; Homrighausen, J, Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary by Conceptual Categories: A Student’s Guide to Nouns in the Old Testament (2017), Zondervan
  5. Homrighausen, J, When Herakles Followed the Buddha: Power, Protection and Patronage in Gandharan Art, The Silk Road, vol. 13 (2015), pp. 26-35

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