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Publications [#237709] of J. Lorand Matory


  1. Matory, JL, Religión Afro-Atlántica: Tradición, Trasnacionalismo y Matriarcado en el Candomblé Brasileño (2014), Editorial Oriente/Casa del Caribe [ref=sr_1_5]
    (last updated on 2020/10/01)

    Spanish-language translation of Black Atlantic Religion. The classical African-inspired religions of the Americas result not from the inert "survival " of African identities and practices predating the slave trade but from a circum-Atlantic "dialogue" among Africans, African Americans, European colonialists, white creoles, and culturally hybrid black trans-Atlantic travelers, who selectively canonized and revised their African-inspired religions in reaction to the politics of multiple African colonies and American nation-states. Author's Comments: This book was solicited for translation and presentation as the featured book of the "Festival del Caribe" in July 2014 or 2015, hosted by the Casa del Caribe in Santiago de Cuba.

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