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Publications [#298827] of Stephen B. Chapman

Book Reviews

  1. Stephen B Chapman,, How scripture speaks, Christian Century, vol. 124 no. 18 (2007), pp. 8, ISSN 0009-5281 [eLvHCXMwY2BQMAM2WS2T04xTLI1SzFIMk83NTdMsLEA1S4q5RUpyEsqGMKTS3E2IgSk1T5RBzs01xNlDF1Y0xqfk5MQDu1JmFsYmFiaGhmIMvImg1d95JeBdYiniDKxpwKhKFQcVn-JAo8QZOCIsnX0i_YOgXCEYV68YvJVJr7BEHFhag2Na11DPAADmFCu1]
    (last updated on 2020/10/01)

    Canonical interpretation, in Childs's vision, does not amount to the arbitrary valorizing of the received biblical text but rather locates the interpreter within the community of the faithful, those who read scripture theologically not as one more exegetical option among many but because it is a matter of life and death.

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