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Anna Tybinko, Teaching Assistant

Anna Tybinko

Please note: Anna has left the "Romance Studies" group at Duke University; some info here might not be up to date.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Candidate in Romance Studies 
Anna Tybinko is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Romance Studies at Duke University. She works on historical constructions of race in the Spanish-speaking world through contemporary themes of migration, precarity and racialization. Her current research explores Spanish fiction as a means of thinking beyond social limitations and proposing alternative concepts of community to the nation.

Anna came to Duke after six years as an educator at the primary and secondary levels in Brazil, Spain and the United States. She remains dedicated to teaching. At Duke she has taught courses in Spanish language as well as literature and cultural studies.

Educational Background
M.A. Duke University
M.A. Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca
B.A. Earlham College

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