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Brian Tholl, Instructor

Brian Tholl

Please note: Brian has left the "Romance Studies" group at Duke University; some info here might not be up to date.

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Ph.D.Rutgers University2020
M.A.Rutgers University2016

Recent Publications

  1. Tholl, B, Italy Must Be Defended: Surveillance and Biopolitics in Una giornata particolare, in The Cinema of Ettore Scola, edited by Lanzoni, R; Bowen, E (September, 2020), Wayne State University Press, ISBN 0814347479
  2. Tholl, B, Robin Pickering-Iazzi, The Mafia in Italia Lives and Literature: Life Sentences and their Geographies, Forum Italicum: a Journal of Italian Studies, vol. 51 no. 3 (November, 2017), pp. 857-859

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