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  1. Jameson, FR. "On levels and categories." Historical Materialism 29:1 (January, 2021): 221-233. [doi]

    ThisarticleisaresponsebytheauthortothecontributionstotheHistoricalMaterialism symposiumonAllegoryandIdeology.Thereplyisframedintermsof thedifferenttheoretical strategies through which the articulation of 'Marx' and 'Freud' has been carried out, namely the precarious syntheses of Freudo-Marxism, the homological method pioneered by Lucien Goldmann, and the theory of allegorical levels and transcoding explored in Allegory and Ideology. It critically engages with the openings and challenges posed by the various contributions to the symposium, focusing in particular on matters of periodisation, and concluding with a reflection on how a theory of allegorical levels can be complemented by a materialist understanding of the 'category'.