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  1. Said, E; Jameson, F; Ahmad, A. "Orientalism, Postmodernity, and the Problem with Capitalist Culture." Capitalism and Its Uncertain Future. January, 2021, 169-178. [doi]

    Orientalism, the phenomenon, whether early in Europe or later in the United States, buttressed not only global imperialisms but also played the key role in global capitalism’s domination of the world’s political economy, as it has come to be in our time. “Postmodernism, or, the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism” was originally a 1984 article in The New Left Review and Jameson earlier discussion of sources behind the then flourishing postmodernism debate—from films and fictions to architecture and cities to philosophers and social theorists. Jameson thus uses the language of Marxists to explain a world turned inside-out by capitalism. Ahmad’s work can best be described as cultural theory meets Marxist political economy. Global capitalism—or as Ahmad terms it, “imperialist capital”—does two things: “it penetrates all available global spaces” and “leads to the greater proliferation of the nation state form.” Said, Jameson, and Ahmad provide three distinct paths for reinventing literary theory to better intervene in the debate on culture and capitalism.