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  1.  Staging the Crisis: Utopian Ideals, Consumer Aesthetics and the Theatrical Image in Brazillian Theatre from Collor to Cardoso. September, 2002.
  2.  Cultural Space and Theatrical Conventions in the Work of Oduvaldo Vianna Filho.  Wayne State University P, 1996. (English revision of Espaço Cultural e Convençoes Teatrais na Obra da Oduvaldo Vianna Filho)

Special Issues

  1.  The Gestural Art of Reclaining Utopia: Denise Stoklos at Play with the Hysterical-HistoricalWomen and Performance: Holy Terrors! Latin American Women Perform 11:2:22 (September, 2000): 111-145. (Special Issue)

Articles Accepted in Journal

  1. "Sentido, sentimento e sensibilidade do grotesco no teatro latinoamericano." Percevejo: Edição Especial, Teatro Latinomericano XIV (Summer, 2009).

Articles Accepted in Collection

  1.  "The Gestural Art of Reclaiming Utopia:Denise Stoklos at Play with the Hysterical-Historical." Holy Terrors! Latin American Women Perform. Ed. Diana Taylor and Roslyn Costantino. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2004.

Articles in a Collection

  1.  "In your face: identity, attitude and latino theatre."  Ed. Sónia Torres. Universidade Federal Fluminense Press, December, 2006, 59-66.
  2.  "Five entries on Brazilian theatre." Encyclopedia of Contemporary Latin American Culture Ed. Dan Balderston, Ana Lopez and Mike Gonzalez. Routledge Press, forthcoming 2003.