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  Research Interests: Early modern theater, travel writing, epistolary and questions of genre

Professor Longino's current book examines the activity of travel and studies the genre of travel writing. It features travel journals, all penned between 1650 and 1700, by six French voyagers who followed roughly the same itinerary from Marseilles to Constantinople, and is finally relevant to the question of France's attitudinal resistance today to Turkey's inclusion in the European Union. Her new book is organized around the travel journals of Guillaume-Joseph Grelot, the artist; Jean Chardin, the Protestant jewel merchant; Antoine Galland, the antiquarian; Laurent D'Arvieux, the linguist and diplomat; Jean Thévenot, the orientalist; and Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, the French king's diamond merchant. Each of these travelers treats the same basic trajectory--the sea voyage between Marseilles, then as now France's "Gateway to the Orient," and the port of destination, Constantinople, also then as now, a symbolic center of Levantine power, and the major hub of East-West contact. Together, these writings enable us to appreciate the diverse shapes that travel narrative can take at a single historical juncture and have much to teach us about the nature of travel writing.

Recent Papers, Books and Preprints   (search)
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