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  1.  Triste Tristan (poems).  Rennes: Editions Apogee, forthcoming.
  2.  Silva rerum (poems).  Paris: Maurice Nadeau, and Montreal: Guernica, 1989.
  3.  Boudica, Taliesen et autre poemes.  Rennes: Editions Ubacs, 1990. (a new edition with a revised Prefaces au Gododdin)
  4.  La et pas la (poems).  Paris: Maurice Nadeau, forthcoming.
  5.  A la trappe.  Maurice Nadeau, January, 2002.
  6.  Dieu et Madame Lagadec.  Le Faouet: Editions du Scorff, 2001.


    Translation of a Book

    1. William Bronk, trans. Le monde, le sans-monde.  Strasbourg: Editions Circe, 1994


    1. "Le Printemps des Bonnets Rouges (a play)."   (1972).
    2. "Anna Zero (a play)."   (2002).