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Nasanin Rosado,

Nasanin Rosado

Nasanin Rosado is a first-year doctoral candidate in Romance Studies at Duke University, specializing in French and Francophone literature. She studies and compares the emancipatory potential of language in decolonial literature in the Caribbean and North African contexts.

Rosado graduated from New York University in 2019 with a M.A. in French Studies, awarded with distinction; in 2018 with a M.A. in Comparative Literature; and in 2017 with a B.A. in French and Comparative Literature, magna cum laude and with honors. In the pursuit of these degrees, she completed the following theses: “The Polemic of Frantz Fanon and the Problem of Universalism” (2019); “Poetics, Parole, and Performative: Language and Resistance in Aimé Césaire’s A Tempest” (2018); and “La Décolonisation par les mots: Négritude comme une appropriation poétique noire de la langue française,“ for which she was awarded the Prix Jindrich Zezula, presented for best honors thesis in French (2017). 

As a Persian and Puerto Rican queer Bahá’í woman, raised in the heart of the American South, Nasanin is committed to border thinking as an “attitude of the mind and way of life,” in the words of South African activist Steve Biko. She hopes to  actualize this praxis in both her written works and classroom. When she isn’t working im her favorite local coffeeshop, she takes breaks from academia by walking her puppy and crafting. 

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