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Research Interests for Elena A Maksimova

Research Interests: Advanced and Specialized Russian Language and Culture, Stylistics, Soviet and Russian Film, 20th & contemporary Russian Literature

Recent Publications
  1. Maksimova, EA, Russian Language and Culture through Film II (November, 2011) [abs] [author's comments]
  2. Maksimova, EA, Russian Grammatical Dictionary, Seelrc.Org (2011) (B. CD-ROM and web-based instructional materials: 1. Grammatical Dictionary of Contemporary Standard Russian. NEW 2,000 lexical entries (2010). [].)
  3. Maksimova, EA, Russian Culture and Language through Film (2011), SEELRC
  4. Andrews, E; Maksimova, EA, Russian Translation: Theory and practice, Russian Translation: Theory and Practice, vol. 2 volumes (January, 2009), pp. 1-187, Routledge, ISBN 9780203880692 ((Volume 2 is in electronic format.).) [doi[abs]
  5. Maksimova, EA, Postroenie xudozhestvennogo prostranstva u Bunina i Sezanna (The Construction of Artistic Space in Bunin and Cezanne), in Contemporary Russian Studies: Language, Culture, Text (2009), St. Petersburg University Press

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