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  • Rebecca L. Bach, Associate Professor of the Practice Emerita
    Specialties: Gender and Sexuality, Stratification/Mobility, Applied Sociology
  • Christopher A. Bail, Douglas and Ellen Lowey Associate Professor
  • Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, James B. Duke Distinguished Professor
    Specialties: Racial Stratification, Social Theory, Critical Race Methods, Political Sociology, Latinos, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Epistemology
  • Tyson Brown, WLF Associate Professor
    Specialties: life course and aging inequality, race/ethnic and gender stratification, social demography, health disparities, wealth mobility, and quantitative methods
  • Mark Chaves, Anne Firor Scott Distinguished Professor
    Specialties: social organization of religion
  • Bai Gao, Professor
    Specialties: Economic Sociology, Globalization, Comparative/Historical Sociology, Comparative Political Economy
  • Jenifer Hamil Luker, Associate Professor of the Practice
  • Ashley L. Harrell King, Assistant Professor
  • Angel L. Harris, Professor
    Specialties: Social inequality Policy Education
  • Kieran Healy, Professor
    Specialties: Economic Sociology Sociology of Culture Organizations Social Theory
  • Lisa A. Keister, Professor and Bass Fellow
    Specialties: Economic sociology Organizations Social networks Wealth Personal finance Business start-up Immigration Consumption and spending
  • Hedwig E. Lee, Professor
  • Scott M. Lynch, Professor
    Specialties: Social Epidemiology Quantitative Methodology Demography Sociology of Aging
  • Jen'nan Read, Sally Dalton Robinson Professor
    Specialties: Gender, Ethnicity, Health, and Religion
  • Martha Reeves, Professor of the Practice
  • Martin Ruef, Jack and Pamela Egan Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship
    Specialties: Organizational Theory Economic Sociology Historical / Comparative Sociology Network Analysis
  • Lynn Smith-Lovin, Robert L. Wilson Professor Distinguished
    Specialties: Social Psychology, Emotions, Gender, Group Processes
  • Jessi Streib, Associate Professor
  • Stephen Vaisey, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
    Specialties: Culture and Cognition, Action Theory, Quantitative Methods
  • Christopher Wildeman, Professor
Secondary Appointment:Visiting Faculty:
  • Mary Hovsepian, Senior Lecturer
    Specialties: Sociology of Economic Change Third World Development Globalization Political Sociology Gender and Work Area Studies: Middle East
  • Evan Jones, Visiting Professor
  • Rick A. Singer, Instructor
  • Samuel A Veraldi, Lecturing Fellow of Markets & Management
Faculty Emeriti:
  • Linda K. George, Professor Emerita and Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor Emeritus
    Specialties: social antecedents of physical and mental health social factors affecting recovery from illness stress and social support religion and health life course trajectories
  • Gary Gereffi, Professor Emeritus
    Specialties: Development, Comparative/Historical Sociology, Economy and Society
  • Kenneth C. Land, John Franklin Crowell Distinguished Professor Emeritus
    Specialties: Mathematical Sociology, Statistical Methods, Demography, Crime, Law and Deviance, Social Indicators and Quality-of-Life Measurement
  • Nan Lin, Oscar L. Tang Family Distinguished Professor Emeritus
    Specialties: Social networks and social capital, Stratification/Mobility, Mental Health, China
  • J. Miller McPherson, Professor Emeritus
    Specialties: Organizations, Associations, Social Networks, Quantitative Methodology
  • S. Philip Morgan, Norb F. Schaefer Distinguished Professor Emeritus of International Studies
    Specialties: Social Demography, Sociology of the Family, Research Methods
  • Angela M. O'Rand, Professor Emeritus
    Specialties: Stratification/Mobility, Life Course Studies, Population Aging, Social Organization of Science
  • Jack J. Preiss, Professor Emeritus
    Specialties: Role theory Criminal justice systems Social aspects of mental illness Political sociology
  • Edward A. Tiryakian, Professor Emeritus
    Specialties: Theory, History of Sociology/Social Thought, Religion Globalization National Identity Sociology of Disasters
  • John Wilson, Professor Emeritus
    Specialties: Volunteering, Collective Behavior/Social Movements, Religion, Leisure/Sports Recreation
Affiliated Faculty:
  • Matthew E. Dupre, Associate Professor of Community and Family Medicine and Sociology
    Specialties: Medical Sociology Social Epidemiology Cardiovascular Disease Mortality Life Course
  • Gilbert W. Merkx, Professor of the Practice Emeritus
    Specialties: Comparative/Historical Sociology, Economy and Society, Theory
  • Suzanne Shanahan, Associate Research Professor of Sociology and Nannerl O. Keohane Director of Kenan Institute for Ethics and Associate of the Duke Initiative for Science & Society
    Specialties: Comparative Historical Sociology, Collective Behavior and Social Movements
Postdoctoral Fellow:Others:

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