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Kimberly B Rogers, Visiting Assistant Professor


Kimberly B Rogers


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Kimberly B Rogers
Visiting Assistant Professor

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Office: 144 Soc/Psych
Phone: 919-660-5633
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Fax: 919-660-5623
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Kimberly B. Rogers is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Sociology at Duke University. She received her M.A. in Psychology from Wake Forest University in 2005, and her M.A. in Sociology from Duke University in 2008. Kimberly's dissertation project, which is funded by the National Science Foundation, is entitled “Mapping the Social Ecology of Culture: Social Position, Connectedness, and Influence as Predictors of Systematic Variation in Affective Meaning.” This project tests the proposition that cultural sentiments, being fundamental to social networks rather than societies, are dynamic and structurally contingent. Using primary survey data collected at two universities, the research shows that variation in affective meaning is importantly related to social position and patterns of social connectedness (e.g., diversity in the prestige of social ties, variation in the total number and maximum prestige of social ties). Additionally, through an experimental study, this research suggests that social influence processes can operate on both explicit and implicit social meanings. As reflected in this project, Kimberly's intellectual interests lie at the intersection of social networks and the social psychology of identity, culture, and emotion. She is committed to the development of theory that bridges levels of analysis to identify complex relations between cultures and institutions, social interactions, and individual experience. 
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