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Publications [#319024] of Nathan Kalman-Lamb

Journal Articles

  1. Kalman-Lamb, N. "The athlete as model minority subject: Jose Bautista and Canadian multiculturalism." Social Identities 19.2 (March, 2013): 238-253. [doi]
    (last updated on 2022/07/06)

    The discourse of multiculturalism disguises complicated racial dynamics in nations such as Canada. Although white privilege persists, it tends to be mediated through non-white figures who can engender consent from other minority members. These figures have been called model minorities, a role that is well-tailored to celebrated athletes. Athletes who fill the role of model minority represent the ideal immigrant citizen: English-speaking, middle class/bourgeois, disciplined, and hard-working. As such, they serve a disciplinary function for other immigrants by demonstrating how it is they should act and producing a standard against which they are evaluated. The model minority has become a crucial representational figure for multicultural nations like Canada because the political economy of these states requires cheap labour that can be hyper-exploited through the dehumanization of racialization. Drawing on articles in Toronto's most prominent newspapers, I argue that Toronto Blue Jays baseball star Jose Bautista has recently assumed the status of a model minority. I elaborate the functions of the model minority through a reading of Bautista's representation. © 2013 Copyright Taylor and Francis Group, LLC.

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