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Joel Marcus, Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins

Joel Marcus

Joel Marcus teaches New Testament with an emphasis on the Gospels and the context of early Christianity within Judaism. His publications include two monographs on Mark, a two-volume commentary on the same Gospel in the Anchor Bible series (Doubleday, 2000, 2009), and several articles about the parting of the ways between Judaism and the Christianity of the first three centuries of the Christian era. He has a book in press on John the Baptist and is currently working on a monograph on the Gospel of Peter as a Jewish Christian document.

Contact Info:
Office Location:  217 Gray Building, Durham, NC 27708
Email Address: send me a message
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Division:  Divinity Faculty


Ph.D.Columbia University1985
M.Phil.Columbia University1983
M.A.Columbia University1981
B.A.New York University1979

Baptism--Biblical teaching • Bible • Bible and tradition • Canaanites • Christianity • Conversion in literature • Death • Devil--Biblical teaching • Dualism • Eschatology--Biblical teaching • Eye--Religious aspects • Food--Religious aspects--Christianity • Future punishment • Gentiles in the New Testament • God--Righteousness • Good and evil--Biblical teaching • Habad • Idolatry • Judaism • Judaism--Historiography • Judaism--History--Talmudic period, 10-425 • Kingdom of God • Knowledge, Theory of (Religion) • Laborers in the vineyard (Parable) • Last Supper • Meditations • Passover • Pharisee and the publican (Parable) • Pharisees • Prophecies • Qumran community • Religion • Revelation on Sinai • Revelation--Biblical teaching • Seder • Sexual ethics • Sin--Biblical teaching • Sower (Parable) • Temptation • Theology • Time in the Bible • Visions in the Bible • Water in the Bible • Zionism

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