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Research Interests for Bruce R. Kuniholm

Research Interests: Middle East Policy, International Security Studies, and U.S. Foreign Policy

U.S. policy in the Middle East; U.S. diplomatic history; national security

Recent Publications
  1. Kuniholm, B, Die Nahostkriege, der Palastinakonflikt und er Kalte Krieg, in Heisse Kriege im Kalten Krieg, edited by Greiner, B; Muller, CT; Walter, D (2006)
  2. Fouskas, V, Zones of Conflict: U.S. Foreign Policy in the Balkans and the Greater Middle East, Journal of Southern Europe and the Balkans, vol. 7 no. 1 (March, 2005), pp. 126-128, Pluto Press: London, 2003, 177 pp.
  3. Lykogiannis, A, Britain and the Greek Economic Crisis 1944-1947: from Liberation to the Truman Doctrine, American Historical Review, vol. 109 no. 5 (December, 2004), pp. 1633-1634, University of Missouri Press, 2003
  4. Kuniholm, B, Thinking about the Future: Turkey, the United States and the World, in Turkish-American Relations: Past, Present and Future, edited by Aydin, M; Erhan, C (2004), pp. 213-229, Routledge
  5. Kuniholm, BR, Failing the crystal ball test: The Carter administration and the fundamentalist revolution in Iran., The International History Review, vol. 25 no. 4 (December, 2003), pp. 966-970, Praeger: Westport, Conn, 2000, ISSN 0707-5332 [Gateway.cgi]

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