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Publications of Ronald G. Witt    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:


  1. The Italian Difference: Two Cultures of Medieval Italy (800-1250) (2003) (Manuscript in circulation.)
  2. Humanism and Reform, collected essays in Variorum Series (2001), Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk
  3. In the Footsteps of the Ancients: The Origins of Italian Humanism 1250-1420 (2000), Leiden and New York
  4. with M. Witt, F. Tirro, A. Dunbar and C. Brown, Cultural Roots and Continuities, 6th ed., 2 vols. (2000), Boston

Papers Published

  1. Introduction, in Petrarch's De otio religioso (2002), pp. 3-23, New York (trans. Susan Shearer.)
  2. Ars dictaminis, Cambridge Literary History of the Middle Ages, edited by Alastair Minnis (2002), Cambridge (to appear.)
  3. Forthcoming: Introduction to Petrarch, in De otio religioso (2001), New York (trans. Susan Schearer.)

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