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Caroline Garriott, Graduate Assistant

Caroline Garriott
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Web Page:  http://sites.duke.edu/garriott/


Latin America and the Caribbean
Comparative Colonial Studies
Cultural History
African Diaspora
Research Interests: Visual Culture, African Diaspora, Race, Politics, the Andes

My dissertation research centers on the importation, production, and circulation of images of saints in the largest cities of colonial South America: Lima “City of Kings” (founded 1535) and Salvador da Bahia “”City of the Holy Savior of the Bay of all Saints” (founded 1549). How might the reception, appropriation, and transformation of colonial images of saints reflect local ideas about sacredness and difference? In essence, I chart at the ebb and flow of images of saints across the Atlantic as a means to investigate the creation and contestation of racial hierarchies in colonial Peru and Brazil.

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