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Devin Creed,

Devin Creed

PhD Student in History, 2020-Present
I study Modern Southasia, Imperial Britain, and Modern Ireland. With emphasis on 19th and 20th century history, I focus on the intersections between famine, empire, religion, and capitalism. I am interested broadly in how the concept of modernity has grown out of colonial contexts. I have received grants for research in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, London, and India.

Educational Background
Master of Arts
Modern European History (distinction)
Villanova University, (Villanova, PA) 2017-2019

Bachelor of Arts
Economics, English (cum laude)
Hillsdale College (Hillsdale, MI) 2011-2015

Contact Info:
Office Location:  
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Capitalism • Great Britain--Colonies • Ireland • South Asia

Recent Publications

  1. Creed, D, W. B. Yeats and Folklore: The Search for an Irish Identity, The Yeats Journal of Korea, vol. 53 (August, 2017), pp. 183-210, The Yeats Society of Korea [doi]

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