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Bryan Pitts, Visiting Assistant Professor

Bryan Pitts

Please note: Bryan has left the "History" group at Duke University; some info here might not be up to date.

Contact Info:
Office Location:  119 Carr Building
Email Address: send me a message

Office Hours:

Wednesday: 11:20-1:20
Friday: 11:20-1:20

MAVanderbilt University2006
PhDDuke University2013
BAOral Roberts University2001

Politics, Public Life and Governance
Race and Ethnicity
Research Interests: Latin American history, political history, race, sexuality, Brazil

Current projects: “The Inadvertent Opposition: The São Paulo Political Class and the Demise of Brazil’s Military Regime, 1968-1985.” Book Manuscript., “Redefining Equality in a Post-Neoliberal World: The Brazilian Supreme Court’s 2012 Decision on Race-Based Affirmative Action.” Article Manuscript, “‘Hung, Hot, and Shameless in Bed’: Blackness, Desire, and Politics in a Brazilian Gay Erotic Magazine, 1997-2008.” Article Manuscript., “Exoticizing Whiteness: Gay Brazilian Tourists and the Imagined Euro-American Other.” (Co-authored with Alvaro Jarrín, Dept. of Anthropology, Union College.) Research in Progress.

I specialize in modern Latin America, with an emphasis on 20th century Brazilian politics. My book project investigates the understudied role of civilian political elites in the demise of Brazil's 1964-85 military dictatorship. While most studies of Brazil's democratization privilege the actions of civil society or the military itself in ending the regime, I examine how politicians often inadvertently destabilized the regime, first through their resentment of military tutelage and later through their reluctant acceptance of increased popular political participation. I am currently finalizing an article manuscript on representations of blackness and desire in a Brazilian gay magazine and am completing another on the Brazilian Supreme Court's 2012 decision that affirmed the constitutionality of race-based affirmative action. I am also about to begin conducting research for a co-authored ethnographic article on gay Brazilian men's sexual experiences as tourists in the US and Europe.

Areas of Interest:

Latin American history
Brazilian history
Political history
Race in Latin America
Sexuality studies

Curriculum Vitae  Bio
Recent Publications

  1. Bryan Pitts, O sangue da mocidade está correndo": a classe política e seus filhos enfrentam os militares em 1968, Revista Brasileira de História no. 67 (2014), pp. 39-65, ISSN 1806-9347  [abs]
  2. Bryan Pitts, The Audacity to Strong Arm the Generals: Paulo Maluf and the 1978 São Paulo Gubernatorial Contest, Hispanic American Historical Review, vol. 92 no. 3 (August, 2012), pp. 471-505  [abs]
  3. Bryan Pitts, ‘O funeral da democracia’: o caso Moreira Alves, a cultura política das elites e o estabelecimento de uma ditadura no Brasil, in Paulistânia eleitoral: ensaios, memórias, imagens, edited by José D'Amico Bauab (2011), pp. 285-300, TRE-SP, Imprensa Oficial do Estado de São Paulo

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