Vasant Kaiwar, Visiting Associate Professor

Vasant Kaiwar
Office Location:  312 Classroom Bldg, Durham, NC 27708
Office Phone:  (919) 684-3014
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Teaching (Fall 2022):

Teaching (Spring 2023):

Office Hours:

Tuesday 3-4 p.m.
Thursday 6-7 p.m.
And by appointment

Ph.D.University of California - Los Angeles1989
C PhilUniversity of California, Los Angeles1982
MAUniversity of California, Los Angeles1980
BAUniversity of Oxford, England1978

Comparative Colonial Studies
Areas of Interest:

Modern South Asia
Marxist theory
Postcolonialism and postmodernism


Agriculture • Asia • Capital • Demography • Developing Countries • Economics • India • Land tenure • Population • Population Dynamics • Population Growth • Rural development • Social Planning • Socioeconomic Factors • Technology

Recent Publications

  1. Kaiwar, V, Borrowed Light: Vico, Hegel and the colonies, volume I, Race & Class, vol. 57 no. 3 (January, 2016), pp. 115-118, SAGE Publications [doi]
  2. Kaiwar, V, The Postcolonial Orient The Politics of Difference and the Project of Provincialising Europe (May, 2014), pp. 436 pages, Brill, ISBN 9004270442  [abs]
  3. Kaiwar, V, Philosophy and Politics in the Hind Swaraj of Mohandas Gandhi, Journal of South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (Fall, 2007), pp. 50-69  [abs]
  4. Kaiwar, V, Famines of Structural Adjustment in Colonial India, in Nationalism and Imperialism in South and Southeast Asia: Essays in Honour of Damodar R. SarDesai, edited by Long, R; Kaminsky, A (2012), Manohar, New Delhi
  5. Kaiwar, V, L’Orient postcolonial. Sur la "provincialisation de l’Europe" et la théorie postcoloniale. (Paris: Éditions Syllepse, 2012). (2012)