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Research Interests for William M. Reddy

Research Interests:

New book-- The Making of Romantic Love: Longing and Sexuality in Europe, South Asia, and Japan, 900-1200 CE (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2012). Awarded the Pinkney Prize for best book in French History, 2012, by the Society for French Historical Studies.

Current research projects concern:

(1) the comparative history of romantic love, (2) the relation between reason and emotion in the seventeenth century, (3) the history and cultural variability of emotions, (4) methodological interests including theories of culture, cognitive psychology, interpretive method.

Cognitive Science, culture, Culture, emotions, Emotions, Evolution, Molecular, family, Fear, History, 20th Century, History, 21st Century, love, Love, Marriage, Neurosciences, Reason, Research, Self, Sentimentalism, Stress, Psychological
Representative Publications   (search)
  1. Reddy, WM, The Navigation of Feeling: A Framework for the History of Emotions (2001), Cambridge University Press
  2. Reddy, WM, The Invisible Code: Honor and Sentiment in Postrevolutionary France, 1815-1848 (1997), Berkeley, Calif.: University of California Press
  3. Reddy, WM, Money and Liberty in Modern Europe: A Critique of Historial Understanding (1987), New York: Cambridge University Press
  4. Reddy, WM, The Rise of Market Culture: The Textile Trade and French Society, 1750-1900. (1984), New York: Cambridge University Press

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