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Publications [#243345] of J. Thomas Beale

Papers Published

  1. Beale, JT, Large-time behavior of the Broadwell model of a discrete velocity gas, Communications in Mathematical Physics, vol. 102 no. 2 (June, 1985), pp. 217-235, Springer Nature, ISSN 0010-3616 [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/11/18)

    We study the behavior of solutions of the one-dimensional Broadwell model of a discrete velocity gas. The particles have velocity ±1 or 0; the total mass is assumed finite. We show that at large time the interaction is negligible and the solution tends to a free state in which all the mass travels outward at speed 1. The limiting behavior is stable with respect to the initial state. No smallness assumptions are made. © 1985 Springer-Verlag.