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Publications [#280228] of David J. Brady

Papers Published

  1. Holmgren, AD; Maccabe, KP; Tornai, MP; Brady, DJ, Coded aperture x-ray scatter tomography, Smart Structures and Materials 2005: Active Materials: Behavior and Mechanics, vol. 9020 (January, 2014), SPIE, ISSN 0277-786X [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/11/21)

    We present a system for X-ray tomography using a coded aperture. A fan beam illuminates a 2D cross-section of an object and our coded aperture system produces a tomographic image from each static snapshot; as such, we can reconstruct either a static object scanned in 3D or an x-ray video of a non-static object. © 2014 SPIE-IS&T.