Publications [#280397] of David J. Brady

Papers Published

  1. Sendaula, MH; Biswas, SK; Teter, JP; Brady, DJ, A control system for a hybrid linear actuator for a flush deck hatch, Proceedings of the American Control Conference, vol. 3 (November, 2004), pp. 2051-2056, Boston, MA, USA, ISSN 0743-1619
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    This paper presents the control system design in the development of a hybrid linear actuator for opening the flush deck hatch CV/CVN ship class. We present a simple feedback control system for the hatch opening, which is described by a nonlinear model. The hybrid linear actuator consists of magnetostrictive thrusters and high force electric linear motors segments ganged together to drive a load shaft through of sets of self-locking, magnetically activated clutches. The control system is based on trajectory following method with a simple feedback-linearizing loop. Simulation results show excellent performance of the closed loop system.

    control system synthesis;electric actuators;feedback;linear motors;magnetostrictive devices;ships;