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Publications [#280434] of David J. Brady

Papers Published

  1. Burchett, J; Shankar, M; Hamza, AB; Guenther, BD; Pitsianis, N; Brady, DJ, Lightweight biometric detection system for human classification using pyroelectric infrared detectors., Applied Optics, vol. 45 no. 13 (May, 2006), pp. 3031-3037, ISSN 0003-6935 [16639451], [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/11/20)

    We use pyroelectric detectors that are differential in nature to detect motion in humans by their heat emissions. Coded Fresnel lens arrays create boundaries that help to localize humans in space as well as to classify the nature of their motion. We design and implement a low-cost biometric tracking system by using off-the-shelf components. We demonstrate two classification methods by using data gathered from sensor clusters of dual-element pyroelectric detectors with coded Fresnel lens arrays. We propose two algorithms for person identification, a more generalized spectral clustering method and a more rigorous example that uses principal component regression to perform a blind classification.

    Image sensors;Human engineering;Pyroelectricity;Plastic lenses;Arrays;Algorithms;Principal component analysis;Regression analysis;