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Publications [#280463] of David J. Brady

Papers Published

  1. Marks, DL; Brady, DJ, Three-dimensional source reconstruction with a scanned pinhole camera, Optics Letters, vol. 23 no. 11 (June, 1998), pp. 820-822, The Optical Society [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/11/18)

    We present a simple reconstruction algorithm for three-dimensional (3D) incoherent source distributions imaged by a laterally scanned pinhole camera. We consider digital sampling of multiple pinhole images for 3D reconstruction and implement an experimental demonstration with lateral resolution of 2 × 10 -3 rad and longitudinal resolution of approximately 0.14z 2 m, where z is the object-to-pinhole distance in meters. © 1998 Optical Society of America.