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Publications [#280467] of David J. Brady

Papers Published

  1. Brady, D; Fagan, N; Harwood, DWJ; Hesford, MJ; Hewak, DW; Hudson, TB; Moore, RC; Payne, DN; Schweizer, T; Taylor, ERM; Tucknott, JA; Voyce, CJ; Weatherby, E; West, YD, Optical amplifiers and lasers in infrared fibers, Infrared Optical Fibers and Their Applications, vol. 3849 (December, 1999), pp. 85-92, SPIE, Boston, MA, USA [12.372803], [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/11/17)

    We are currently investigating two infrared glasses for active applications. Gallium lanthanum sulphide (GLS) glass is investigated as a potential host material for rare-earth doped mid-infrared fibre lasers. We have fabricated gallium lanthanum sulphide glass by melt quenching and drawn it into fibres using the rod-in-tube technique. Fluoroaluminate glasses (ALF) are being prepared in planar form by spin coating and clad waveguides have been achieved. The quality of waveguides from both these materials is gradually being improved as methods to eliminate transition metals and other impurities, understand crystallization and reduce the imperfections at the core/clad interface are developed. Although initially motivated by the demand for a practical 1310 nm amplifier, interest has now extended further into the infrared. We describe recent progress in these glasses, their properties and applications.

    Optical fibers;Infrared radiation;Gallium compounds;Fiber lasers;Quenching;Fluorine compounds;