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Publications [#280496] of David J. Brady

Papers Published

  1. Barbastathis, G; Brady, DJ, Multidimensional Tomographie Imaging Using Volume Holography, Proceedings of the Ieee, vol. 87 no. 12 (December, 1999), pp. 2098-2120, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), ISSN 0018-9219 [5.805924], [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/11/21)

    We propose the application of volume holography to fourdimensional (4-D) spatiospectral imaging. The proposed systems use materials and techniques developed for holographic data storage and interconnections to capture three-dimensional (3-D) spatial and one-dimensional (1-D) spectral information about a remote light source or scatterer. We analyze case studies of simple architectures using spherical-reference volume holograms as imaging elements in a fluorescence confocal microscope arrangement and demonstrate the equivalence of the holographic degeneracies with a slicing operation on the reconstructing incoherent source. We develop a general theoretical framework for the diffraction of random fields from volume holograms and show that the formulation can be used as an imaging design tool. Applications and future directions are also discussed. © 1999 IEEE.

    Holography;Three dimensional computer graphics;